About Game

Vivid and distinctive art combined with charming music will make your heart beat faster

13+ original endings

Will you take risk to seal Revinia’s fate?
Be careful, your choice is of power to change the course of kingdom’s history.

40+ hours of gameplay

Are you brave enough to finish it all?
Well-thought plot, unpredictable twists, the intrigue which makes your heart beat faster.

13+ characters

You have only one chance to understand who is on your side.

20+ locations

Investigate all palace’s secret areas, have a promenade along the city’s streets, visit fencing tournaments and much more…

14+ musical themes

Dive into Revinia’s world.

Put things in order in the labyrinth of your mind.
Uncover all the causal links.
Get to the heart of Revinia’s mystery.

Unravel all the secret motives of the Palace inhabitants.
Find out who is loyal to the crown.
Save your world from your adversaries.

Emerge victorious in the fencing tournament.
Win the favour of your beloved lady.
Protect all your nearest and dearest.

Will you guess who is to be called to account?

Queen Gabrielle
Walter Wile
Norbert Kolas
Erlene Rollon
Bedivere Lessing
Arne Maro
Carl Breton
Chronicler Nero
Yacob Bayman
Commander Rogan
Valko Lalen
Gerald Kolas
Isabelle Lessing
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